The peaceful village of Silver Falls lies deep within the Great Forest, along the Silverwynde River.

The residents of this quiet community owe fealty to the great nation of Tyskland, to which they are the northern most boundary of their realm.

The village remains untroubled by the barbarian state of Ryss to their north. This is in small part because the barbarians fear the military strength of the Tysk, in part because of the inherent dangers of wandering aimlessly through the Great Forest, but mostly because Silver Falls is not known of in Ryssland, and little known in Tyskland.

At least that is how things were. Until these two nations began a political war of one-upmanship which lead to the redrawing of national borders. Each party thinking they got the upper hand over their neighbor.

the Ryssland delegation took great interest in this region when one decidedly devious Tysk diplomat mentioned that it was full of silver. He of course was referring to the Silver Falls village, the Silverwynde river, the silverfish in Silver Lake, and at last the Silver Waterfall which lent the village it’s name. Needless to say he made no effort to disabuse his eavesdroppers of their unfortunate mistake.

What Tyskland received in the exchange is undisclosed at this time.

Now, as troubles begin to descend upon our fair little village, our young heroes must overcome the challenges of a soon shattered peaceful existence and an uncertain future.

Silver Falls