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Now, as troubles begin to descend upon our fair little village, our young heroes must overcome the challenges of a soon shattered peaceful existence and an uncertain future.

This campaign takes place in, around, and about the village of Silver Falls.

To the north is the nation of Ryss

To the south is the nation of Tysk

Quests may take our heroes far afield, even to distant lands, for a time. But all things lead back home. That is the focus of this campaign.

Character creation;

  • character’s Lifepaths must fit within 23 years (young heroes)
  • Lifepaths must make sense within the setting of a isolated village (a good story can make almost anything fly)
  • each character must have a rival relationship
  • one or more ally relationships are strongly recommended
  • Each character must have a reputation within the village
  • Affiliations will need to fit into the setting
  • 2 reputations and no affiliations is usually not enough (by 1) to get a resources score, but for this campaign that will get you Resources B1
  • Stat cap is normal (6)
  • Skill cap is 3, with one skill allowed to be 5

Main Page

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